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Ladies...How You Doing? Want things all Fashion, all Style, all Love, all who said what, All YOU? Welcome to "Girl Talk". Clicking here enters you into the land of Teen Girl Talk - the place where we can talk laugh & cry its Our Place! Here you and your friends will find articles for you & by you. We'll talk makeup, clothes, friends, school, Love, Sex, Dating,Bullying, Family & Life and more.

Get involved & submit an articles to us at info@HdgPdg.com and if You want it will get posted for you and your friends to  discuss. You can even submit "every day" questions for your peers to answer as well as the online staff. There are No stupid questions, and you WILL NOT be judge so ask away. Your name is kept Hush Hush (shhh)  for privacy so you don't even have to be concerned about that. Hodge Podge® is YOUR Teen Cafe and THIS is your website! It was built for you to express yourself and be heard! Let Adults know whats on your mind all while you get involved in all the cool Teen Activities! 

Get involved in Weekly Teen Open Mic Nites, write for the Teen Magazine "Core", a magazine for and by teens! Sing & submit a song! You can be a part of the Teen Art Programs created to give you a chance to express yourself; Show the world who you are! Come and do you.

Maybe you know how to cook, put on makeup, maybe you're an artist, or even your a great match-maker whatever your talent is we are sure you could help another your lady like yourself. You're pretty special and beautiful on top of that and even though you have gone through a lot of things you made it out so now share how you did it.

Get involved...your friends need your help!