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Dude What It Be? Want Guy Things all the time? Welcome to "What Up". "WU" is OURs, our place to be ourselves, it's our "Man Cave". Visiting "Blk Sheep" gives guys a place to talk openly about Anything. You'll find articles of interest to you written by Teen Guys for Teen Guys.

Just because we are guys people think we don't have feelings; we do and we finally have a place that knows this and lets us be ourselves. There are lots of things we want to talk about that plays an important role in us becoming men but most of the time we don't really have anyone we can tell it to without being judge. Thats not the case anymore because we now have The Blk Sheep Foundation®.

We can come here and talk about personal challenges: like dating, having sex, being involved in sports when we don't want to be or how it feels when we want to be a part of something and we aren't or cant be because its not acceptable for guys. You can talk to any of your peers or one of the staff members and not worry about your business getting out because its all kept secret.

If nothing is bothering you then come and get involved in the Teen band, Teen Radio Station as well as the Record Studio. The Blk Sheep Foundation® has activities for you that will get your adrinaline pumping and your creative juices flowing. Skateboarding, Wii Tournaments, XBox 360 Tournaments, Wrestling Mats, and more!

No pressure to be cool or "in" all we need from you is YOU. You are why we were created and it is our goal to make this a place you feel comfortable to hit us up with any questions, concerns, wants or needs and we'll get right on that.